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Rouletronic 1.0

World's first roulette trading platform

Best Software For Roulette 
Predictor And Automated Bot

Best Software For Roulette

what is rouletronic?

So far, it has not been possible to beat roulette in the long term because people have made a basic mistake. They tried to create a system, which of course is impossible. Do stock market investors use systems? Of course not. They have professional trading platforms at their disposal, thanks to which they know where to invest their money to bring them profit. Rouletronic is exactly the same platform with the difference that we track trends on individual numbers on the charts. Such roulette trends can last for many thousands of spins and have ranges of several thousand points.

 The roulette software Rouletronic, thanks to graphical charts, makes it possible to recognize and use trends naturally occurring on individual numbers and thus gives a much greater possibility of predicting numbers that are more likely to be drawn. Thanks to the Rouletronic platform, we have access to tools used, among others, on financial markets such as forex, stock exchanges, etc. This gives the opportunity to obtain a mathematical advantage over a given financial instrument, which is characterized by growth trends. It is a completely new approach to random events unheard of in any other software of this type. The roulette software Rouletronic is the de facto roulette trading platform. The platform also allows you to map the roulette graphic interface and thus fully automate the game, including reading the drawn numbers.

Note: At the moment, the platform works only with roulette with one zero (European). This is due to the fact that the mathematical advantage of roulette over a player with two zeros (American) is definitely greater (5.26 percent American and 2.7 percent European) than the European one.

The application can be run on Windows systems starting from version 7 

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Rouletronic main window

In the main window there are sections with buttons responsible for launching various functions of the platform and the main graph, on which, after attacking the numbers and groups, we will observe the most important curve of the platform. The main chart is such a "super group" that sums up all the attacked numbers and it is the attack of this chart that is equivalent to the actual chip betting in the "Live" session and in the computer memory in the case of the training session.

Roulette software Rouletronic - Number charts.jpg


37 windows with graphs of individual numbers

By observing the graphs of individual numbers, we can assess whether a given number and its occurrence is greater than it would appear from the probability theory and the attack of such a number. Observing the charts of numbers makes sense when we do not use the automatic strategy of attacking the numbers, and we attack the numbers ourselves. There are also two windows with bar graphs, which in a quick, intuitive way show us the occurrence of a given number in a selected range of spins.

Roulette software Rouletronic - Groups charts.jpg


8 windows with group charts

All numbers belong to particular groups, for example: numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 belong to group number 1. Groups, on the other hand, are sets that present the sum of all attacked numbers on their charts. The trends that are presented in the group windows are created by us through the number attacks and the group curve represents the sum of the attacks on the individual numbers. Groups are a very interesting idea, because thanks to their charts, we are able to assess whether an attack of several numbers from a given group makes sense.

Roulette software Rouletronic - Series charts.jpg


2 series windows

Series A and B work similarly to groups, except that they are a collection of a larger number of attacked numbers. Series A shows numbers from 0 to 18 on its chart, while Series B shows numbers from 19 to 36.

Roulette software Rouletronic -Mapper.png


Mapper module window

The "Mapper" module is used to create roulette table maps. Thanks to the created table map, the platform will be able to flawlessly identify the drawn numbers, place bets, remove and add chips, release spins in the case of "RNG" roulette, etc. The module has been designed in such a way that it is possible to automate the game in virtually every roulette available on the Internet.

Roulette software Rouletronic -Modus Operandi.png


modus operandi module window

Once we map the roulette table, we have to make sure that all operations related to identifying numbers or placing chips are performed in a timely manner. For this purpose, among other things, the module "Modus Operandi" is used. Modus operandi literally translating from Latin means "mode of action". This module is a place where, apart from various parameters, there is also a graphical interface for the workflow of the "Monitoring" and "AutoMat" modules, which shows the way they work together with the clocks set by the user. They are used to delay the execution of certain procedures in the "Monitoring" and "AutoMat" modules.

Roulette software Rouletronic -Mini Agent.png


mini agent module window

The "Mini Agent" module is a miniaturized version of the platform and we can use it when we do not have a second monitor. The module gives us the ability to control the main chart, A and B series charts and groups 1-8. There is no way to control the graphs of numbers in the module, so you need to use one of the automated strategies to attack them.

Best Roulette Software Rouletronic - Auto-Game module.png


Auto Game Module

With the Auto-Game module you can now automate the robot placing the same bets on the casino side. This is great news for everyone who often plays the same bet. From now on, the program will no longer click "repeat bet" for hours, but will use the mechanism available on the roulette table for this purpose.

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